Variety is the Spice of Life

This saying is true in the daily work of many veterinarians. As I was looking back at the diversity of patients I have seen, and procedures I have done in the last few weeks, I was reminded of how fortunate I am to be in this profession – I enjoy what I do.  There is a tremendous amount of satisfaction in being able to help pets get better from some disease process, and overall, help give them the best quality of life.

I’d like to introduce you to a few of these patients (the names have been changed), and briefly give an overview of the importance of some diseases and conditions seen in veterinary medicine.

Fred is an 8-yr old neutered male Jack Russell terrier that is very active, and in the past has had minor lameness’s but has gotten over them.  This time the lameness in his right rear leg didn’t improve after a week.  On examination, he was not putting weight on the leg.  No obvious swelling or lesions were observed.  With further examination and radiography, it was determined that the ACL had been torn (a common injury in human athletes).  He will rest a few days and be on anti-inflammatory medication, but will need corrective surgery.  Prognosis is good for long-term function.

Orthopedic conditions occur commonly and early detection can provide good options for treatment and good quality of life.

Josie is a 6-yr old spayed female Shepherd mix who was found by the owners on her side not responding and lethargic.  She had, what looked like two puncture marks with fresh blood on the side of her right hock, and swelling was obvious.  She was hospitalized and treatment started for a venomous snake bite.  She stabilized within 24-hrs and went home after 3 days.  The area around the bite had significant tissue destruction (typical of snake bites).   On re-check, she was walking well and most of the swelling was gone.  Josie will have several follow-up visits to change the bandage dressing on her leg, and should have a full recovery.  We live in and area where snakes are encountered, therefore, quick response to a bite is vital to a successful outcome.  Many factors can affect the outcome, and hospitalization is required.  I recommend snake avoidance classes that are offered in the area.

For more information on any of your pets’ needs, stop by at VIP Veterinary Services or call us at (661)222-7387(PETS).

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