Is It Kennel Cough?

Most pet owners are familiar with the term “kennel cough” in dogs.  Specifically, kennel cough is an infectious tracheobronchitis caused primarily by a bacteria called Bordetella bronchiseptica, but other microorganisms may be involved as well, including some viruses.  Cats can also be susceptible to this bacteria, and interestingly, it is similar to the bacteria that causes hooping cough in people.

Fortunately, kennel cough can be treated with antibiotics, and anti-cough medication.  It is important to treat pets early, especially weaker individuals that may develop secondary life-threatening infections such as pneumonia.

Prevention is obtained by vaccinating as puppies and then yearly or twice a year for those individuals that are groomed or exposed to other dogs regularly.

Coughing is only a sign, and it is important to find out the reason your pet is coughing.  Some other reasons are: collapsing airway disease (trachea),  cancer in the respiratory tract, heart failure, heartworm disease, pneumonia, foreign bodies, etc.  Make sure your veterinarian examines your pet to find out why they’re coughing.

Any questions can be directed to VIP Veterinary Services at 661-222-7387.  VIP is located at 26111 Bouquet Canyon Rd., Suite D-5 in Santa Clarita


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