Pet Allergies

Pets often are diagnosed with “allergies”.  The causes of pet allergies vary from food-induced, to environmental (seasonal), to insect bites and other pests like fleas, ticks, and mites.  Many times the reaction is a one-time occurrence.  However, some pets may have a predisposition to developing chronic reactions, and a multi-factor effect from many of these causes contribute to making the situation long-term and frustrating to the pet owner.

The allergic reaction may initially present itself as redness or a “rash” or the pet chewing and scratching an area of the body severely enough to make it bleed.  Parts of the body commonly having some of these reactions are the ears, the tail base, under the tail  in the perineum, and “hot spots” anywhere on the body.

Identification of the causes is important and allergy testing is sometimes needed to provide the proper treatment.  It is also important to get the condition under control before permanent changes and scarring occur, especially when the ear canal is involved.

If not sure, always have your pet examined, or if you have any questions call VIP Veterinary Services at (661)222-7387.


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