Pet Diabetes

Pet diabetes is a disease that is seen in dogs and cats, as well as other animals.  Because of its common occurrence in humans, people are aware of  some of the symptoms and treatments given, as well as some of the complications that occur.

It is very important in dealing with this disease in dogs and cats, to know that it is not the same as in people, even though some things are similar.  The main problem has to do with an abnormality in the carbohydrate metabolism which eventually leads to a hyperglycemia (high blood sugar).  Dogs and cats have different presentations and diagnostic approaches differ.

One of the most common symptoms is an increased water consumption, which in turn leads to increased urination.  These, however are not exclusive of diabetes, and for this reason a set of blood tests and urine analyses need to be done to differentiate from other diseases.

Once diagnosed, treatment may involve a combination of insulin treatment (there are several types of insulin), diet, hospitalization, etc., tailored to the individual pet.

It is sometimes an emergency presentation with life-threatening consequences, so immediate attention should be sought with your veterinarian.

Any questions can be directed to VIP Veterinary Services (661)222-7387.

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